Welcome to Grass-free lawns (aka:Tapestry Lawns).

Based on a four year PhD research project conducted at the University of Reading, Dept of Biological Sciences, UK, and sponsored by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) , the Garden Centre Association (GCA) and others, grass-free lawns (now known as 'Tapestry Lawns') represent a fresh and researched approach to the use of lawn space.

By excluding grasses at inception, other suitable plant species can be used in a way that is similar but refreshingly different from conventional monoculture turf lawns.

Research indicates that tapestry lawns can produce up to 90% more flowers, contain over 25% more invertebrate life, and support up to ten times as many visits from twice as many pollinator species as wildflower turf. Mowing is reduced by up to two thirds, rainfall can be absorbed up to twice as fast as a turf lawn and tapestry lawns need no additional fertilisers.

Like daisies in a traditional lawn grasses will inevitably show up unless weeded out, but with more flowers, much less mowing and no greening products needed, it is an exciting new way of viewing and managing the venerable garden lawn. It's rather pretty too!